MGHPCC Shared Services Account Portal - How To Register

The first step in gaining access to MGHPCC-SS resources is creating a MGHPCC-SS account. MGHPCC-SS accounts link your institutional identity (e.g. your university login) with a MGHPCC-SS identity that is used to make access decisions when you use MGHPCC-SS resources.

Once you have a MGHPCC-SS account, MGHPCC-SS resource owners will be able to grant you access to resources that they control. The steps to create a MGHPCC-SS account are:

  1. Visit the MGHPCC-SS Registration Page (link at bottom of this page)
  2. You will be redirected to a logon page where you will select your university
  3. You will logon with your university credentials
  4. After successful logon, your browser will redirect back to the MGHPCC-SS Registration Page to complete the account creation process.
  5. You can make any corrections that you need and fill in any blank fields i.e. "Research Domain" and then click the "Create MGHPCC-SS Account" button. This will automatically send an email to your email address with a link to validate and confirm your account information.
  6. When done, you will have linked your university ID with your MGHPCC-SS account. You will use your university logon to access MGHPCC-SS resources.

Multiple University Credentials

You can only link one university account to a MGHPCC-SS account; if you have multiple university accounts you will only be able to link one of those accounts to your MGHPCC-SS account. If at a later date you want to change which account is connected to your MGHPCC-SS identity you can by contacting

Clicking the link below will initiate the account creation process. You will be redirected to a site managed by CILogon where you will select your institutional or commercial identity provider. Once selected, you will be redirected to your institutional or commercial identity provider where you will login. At the completion of that logon, your browser will be redirected to the MGHPCC-SS Account Management site where you will complete your MGHPCC-SS account creation process.